Upgrading Temperature Control w/Seat Heaters


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Henderson, NV
2008 Rabbit
Hey All, I am new to this site and reently purchased a 2008 Rabbit as a commuter car. Well I see there is so much I can do as far as upgrades and mods with this car, hat I now seem to be a bit obsessed… let me get to it, first thing I want to attempt is adding seat heaters to the 2 front seats. But I think I only want to do this if I can imitate a factory install. I see where I can purchase the Temp control with seat heater controls; but my question is 1) will the connectors on the new controller plug into the existing wiring loom connector?
2) will I need to splice wires from the heaters into new control wire loom or original factory loom or is it a plug and play installation?
3) if all that is successful does the car need to be vag-com coded so the controls will work as a factory install or does this bypass any ECM stuff.
Again I am new so if I am being ignorant cut me some slack for a bit.
Hope you VW folks can offer some assistance.