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Spark Plugs - 60k or 90k change?


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My car is coming up for the 60k service. According to the service book, the spark plugs in the TSIs aren't due until 90,000km (NA are 60k) but the dealer wants to do them at 60,000km. Their proof of this need is they have a generic looking "tick & flick" sheet that says change spark plugs at 60k.

Spark plugs are platinum/iridium/unobtanium electrode NGK from what i can gather. I always thought they were good for 100k+ in a non-boosted engine.

PS: it's a 1.8TSI - same family as current MkVI or EOS


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2008 VW Golf GTI 3dr
Sorry - I know it's an old thread but I'm wondering if I should be changing my spark plugs. I've just got the car (well, my gf has), it has 72k km on it but not sure if the spark plugs were ever changed.

Car fuel economy isn't great (it's a 2008 Mk5 GTI with DSG) but my main reason for thinking about spark plugs is when the car starts up. It doesn't take a lot of cranking or anything but the first "noise" when you turn the key is always a bit of a half assed effort to start. Car always then starts on the second noise, but it seems slighty tractorish to me. Thinking new spark plugs would go a long way to help address that.

The car has been looked over and will go in soon (very soon) to get the gearbox oil replaced. While that's being done I will get new spark plugs - anyone got any advice on this? I guess the NGK Irridium ones are always top of the line, but just though I'd ask... I'm sure a more detailed forum search (which got me to this thread) will give me the answer shortly.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


Edit: After reading my post again, I should probably clarify: I will be changing my spark plugs, but am wondering if this could be the cause (or part) of the fuel economy and start up issues I've noticed.