RCD 330 and Flip Badge RVC install-- incl. rear seat, rear wiper, trim, radio removals and fuse tap


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Here's the video I made with all the steps on YouTube. Click here to view.

I spent a considerable amount of time researching how to install the flip badge reverse camera on my 2007 MK5 GTI. There were very few videos or DIY's that showed the whole process, especially for a MK5, which requires a small amount of cutting in the hatch.

I installed the RCD 330 headunit (Noname 187B version), flip badge RVC with dynamic parking lines, rear USB in front of my shifter, and MFSW control canbus gateway simulator. All parts bought from and works perfectly.

Added functionality: bluetooth, touch screen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, USB, SD Card, Aux, steering wheel control and reverse camera with dynamic parking lines.

The description includes time stamps for the major steps and can be useful for individual tasks others may want to do like:
Rear bench seat removal
Rear wiper motor removal
Fuse panel tap
Wire routing and management
Headunit removal
Interior trim removal (hatch, window surround, C pillar, trunk, 2 door rear seat side panel, lower A pillar, hood release handle)

Hope it's useful and good luck!
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