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I got a set of HRE P40S a couple months ago (first one's in a size 18" in the world) but decided not to take any proper pictures because i wanted to change some things up. Well after waiting about 3 months i finally got all the parts i wanted which included: R32 bumper + GHL cat back + Osir matte carbon diffuser. After waiting for the body shop and locating the cat back i finally installed everything last night and today gave my baby a quick bath and detail and snapped some pics! Hope you guys enjoy it :happyanim:

**don't mind my shitty tires, trying to wear them out so i can order a new set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports**

some pics i took a few weeks, of what goes on at EVOMS:

Thanks for looking :thumbsup:
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The front is not really my style but i dig it :thumbsup: great photos btw, i kept scrolling down with a :biggrin: on my face