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P3 Cars v2.1 Enhanced Digital Boost Gauge **GROUP BUY!!**


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THE TIME HAS COME! We're running another P3 Cars Digital Boost Gauge Group Buy for the Mk5 and Mk6 kits.

This time around, we're offering the group buy for their newest version: P3Cars VIDI v2.1 Enhanced

This is the best Plug and Play Multi-function digital vent gauge on the market. PERIOD. P3 has come up with their own proprietary algorithms for calculating boost/vacuum readings from the OBD2 (diagnostic connection) that are an accurate representation of the actual manifold boost. You may still purchase the analog boost sensor if you prefer readings from a boost tap.

Application List:
VW Mk5 R32
VW Mk6 Golf R

Check out the specs and features below that are EXCLUSIVE to the v2.1 Gauge.

  • Enter configuration menu at any time by holding both buttons
  • New boost resolution display options: 0.5psi 0.1psi or 1psi increments
  • Vacuum bar graph: enable or disable
  • Manual dimmer option
  • New bar graph configuration options for analog inputs
  • Boost in English, rest of data in metric combo display
  • Disable boost display option (for R32's)
  • Analog boost sensor calibration routine that prompts the user to shut off the engine during calibration
  • Analog input bar graph scale adjustment
  • New ignition detection*algorithms for quicker*start-up
  • Code clearing is now in the config menu instead of holding buttons
  • Temps for EGT, AIT, and coolant have their peaks recorded in the*background, so, for example, you can keep the gauge on boost, then*switch over to AIT and do a peak recall and it will show your *peak value*from the entire time since you started the car(or last recalled the*peak).

You have 3 display options now as well:
  • ALL ENGLISH (boost in PSI, temps in F, speed in MPH 0-60)
  • ALL METRIC (boost in BAR, temps in C, speed in KPH, 0-100 timer)
  • BOOST ONLY (boost in PSI, temps in C, speed in KPH, 0-100 timer)

Gauge Features List:
  • Monitor live engine data for intake air temp, coolant temp, throttle blade position, actual ignition timing, EGT and more
  • Digital Numerical readout + bar graph with shift light
  • Automatic start and stop 0-60mph(or 0-100kph) timer for evaluating your cars performance
  • 15 second "run record" data logging to replay a quarter mile run and evaluate boost spikes or dips
  • OBD II code scan and reset
  • OEM integration, fit and finish
  • Precisely color matched to the VW red interior lighting
  • Display dimmer to match brightness with auto dimmer option
  • Non-glare black smoked glass face
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Easy to navigate 2 button menu
  • 3x optional analog inputs for additional sensors

Retail: $389 + shipping
Group Buy Pricing: $309 + shipping

Order by clicking on the image or link below.

P3 Digital Boost Gauge

Please select if you want the analog sensor, if you want the gauge pre-installed in a vent, your driver position and your vehicle. GTI is the same as Golf and Rabbit so go off of the Mk5 and Mk6 indicators.

How to order?
You can order on our secure website by clicking on the respective links above.

You can also call us at 647-827-0825 and order over the phone.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

AIM: RedlineMotorwrks


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If they ever get the price down to around $200 I'm in, but for me, $389 and even the GB price is way too much for this. I will admit that this GB price is a great discount for anyone with a tax return burning a hole in their pocket tho...


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So redline. Did you ever get my tracking number? I feel like I'm not the last one to get this out of the gb

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