Old Skool Euro GTG - Helen, GA May 12-15 2016

Jeff Spicoli

Female Organ Player
MKV .:R32
Hey Guys

Just throwing this out there as there's been a decent amount of talk and interest - My buddies and I are returning to Helen GA for the weekend of "SoWo" - we've got a decent group coming from Florida - 20 cars or so. Plus we have gotten a lot of comittments from Instragram Euro owners -

So we booked condos on the river in Helen for that week. We'll be there Wednesday through Monday the 16th of May.

We'll be shooting pics and movies as usual. We honestly hope a lot of guys will come to support Helen. We spoke to a lot of small business owners and they were disappointed the show was not approved. So we decided to stick with Helen and support them for being so hospitable to us in 2015.

The Heidi Motel, Hoffers, and the deli across from Hoffers were very good to us and we want to repay them by coming back.

Not to mention it is the best place for a Euro GTG. It just is - the best roads, the most parking, great food, nice people.

I was in Savannah for a weekend over the summer and this was before I knew the "SoWo" was moving there. I can honestly say I would not take my car there - the roads are awful, the town is jam packed with tourists all the time, there's nowhere to park near restaurants, and the restaurants have a mandatory 18% on their tabs - no matter how good or bad the service. It's an overpriced college/tourist town. Spent a day in Tybee Beach - again, nowhere to park or even take pictures of cars.

The laidback atmosphere of Helen is great, we are older guys we don't cause problems and we respect the town - I personally walked around picking up garbage in Helen last year. We all know the cops let it get out of hand when they should have been arresting law breakers.

We hope the "outcasts" and troublemakers go to Savannah next year and it leaves the town to us, the older hardcore Euro guys who have been into these cars for 20+ years.

Come join us and spread the word please. Support Helen. Respect Helen.

Thank you.