My13 5dr Golf: the old door handle issue (Not opening on first ‘pull’)


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Hi All,
Not posted in a long time (moved on from my old mk5 gti to a 911, and now in a V6 S5, so at least I stayed in the VAG group 😂).

But I’m back as I’ve also bought a 13-plate mk5 tdi. It was cheap, and it’s got 175k on the clock (miles). Brilliant service history, and a gear change that my old gti could only dream of: like a bolt-action rifle. Brilliant. No, that could be through lack of oil in the gearbox 😂 but we’ll find out after a service.

my reason for coming to you for some advice is that the driver‘s door only opens after 3 pulls. Central locking etc works, but it’s just this drivers door.

doing some reading about doors not opening, it seems to point towards the little plastic adjuster in the exterior door handle, however, that only seems for doors that simply won’t open.
before I dive into it, and pull things apart, I thought I’d reach out to the sage advice on this very forum!

I am mindful that at worst, I’m looking at a new mechanism (not surprising on car with 175k on the clock tbf).