MK5 GTI Project Build Thread


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MK5 GTI Project Build

Hi all,
I'm Alex and this is the build thread for my MK5 GTI.

I currently own a 2008 MK5 DSG GTI in Tornado Red sitting at 145xxxkms.

At the moment the only modifications are:

- GFB DV+ (Was underboosting due to a tear in the old factory valve)
- Resonator delete and sports muffler with curved 3" tips

This build is going to take place over the next year and will hopefully be done in a relatively short time.

To keep it short it is going to be a reliable daily running a Stage 2 tune on stock internals with a possibility of upgrading to a K04 Hybrid turbo later down the track.

Specs of the Build

  • 150xxx Service (Including DSG oil service and HPFP cam follower replacement)
  • Redtop Coilpacks
  • Tarmac Engineering Intake (Enclosed to keep street legal)
  • Tarmac Engineering Downpipe
  • Sparkplugs (NGK BKR7EIX)

ECU and TCU/DSG Tuning
  • ECU Tune (Unsure of who I will be going with)
  • TCU/DSG Tune (Will probably be the same as above once decided)

Brakes, Wheels, Tyres and Suspension
This section is sort of empty as wheel and tyre preference will be finalised when I come around to it.
  • Coilovers (to get started I shall be using some coilovers from eBay)
  • Wheels (currently running 17" audi a3 rims with some goodyear tyres)
  • Tyres (Thinking Bridgestone Potenza RE003 or Michelin PSS4)
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Polyurethane bushing kit (if anyone knows one for a decent price let me know)
  • Dogbone mount polyurethane insert

  • Re-trim door cards
  • Replace rear cup holders
  • Replace drink divider
  • Replace window switches, light switch, mirror switch and fuel switch with silver trimmed ones
  • Replace drivers door lock switch
  • Replace handbrake boot
  • Replace DSG boot
  • Drivers aircon vent digital boost gauge
  • Replace mats with OE mat set

Pictures to follow soon and look forward to making this build happen.

Any advice and constructive criticism is welcomed.