MFA Wiper Stalk Conversion


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Central Florida
2007 GTI
Hello guys, I'm very new to VW, I just got my 2007 GTI, and the PO replaced the steering wheel that had controls on it for MFD with a Momo wheel.
Well I'd like to be able to change the display and i have an aftermarket head unit so i don't really care about controlling the radio. I purchased the wiper stalk with the MFD controls on the end of it and i completed swapping it over but it won't control the screen.
The stalk controls the wipers perfectly fine but the new buttons don't do anything. Is this something that i would have to change with VCDS or am I looking at changing words or buying a new steering wheel module?
Any help would be great. I tried searching this forum and vwvortex but the closest thing i could find was someone swapping a non MFD cluster for a MFD cluster and MFSW, but from that thread I couldn't figure out what my problem was. Thanks a lot.