Manual Transmission Rebuild Kits?


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2007 Rabbit 2.5 Man
Hey there everyone,

I have a 2007 MkV Rabbit 2.5L Manual. Original owner. 77k Miles.
Admittedly I was not the best to this girl and tore around quite often. The engine is still very sound and runs nicely, but I damaged the transmission a while ago, and I think the clutch has some issues as well. Too many jack rabbit starts and hoppy corners for it to take methinks. It mostly sits now. I just can't get over the feel of the old girl and want to get her back on the road without having to shell out a couple grand on a full replacement.

Rear main seal is gone, and the transmission instantly dumps 90% of the fluid put in it. last time I put fluid in and saw it instantly leaking I pulled the plug and panned it and it was horrible. More metal than fluid. I have been searching online, but I have been coming up practically empty when looking for a rebuild kit for the manual on these cars... I can find the auto.

Any help would be appreciated. It's Still cold here in Idaho and it would be nicer to take the VW than the Ebike when the wife needs the good car to do something :)


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Might want to look for a used transmission or go with a 02Q 6 speed swap.
Agree, just buy a used one rather than rebuild.