Low oil pressure


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Limassol, Cyprus
Golf 5 1.6fsi
Hello, i have Golf mk5 2004model, with 1.6 fsi engine. The engine was rattling on startup, so i changed timing chain, guides, tensioner gears etc. (except intake variable gear) about a year ago. Rattling stopped for a while but then came back. Its happening on startup, especially on colder days( under +20C). I checked the oil pressure, on startup i have 0 bar for 6-7 seconds.Then it raises to 1 bar. On idle i get 1bar. 1500rpm-2bar, 2000rpm-2.5bar. 3000rpm+ im getting max 3bar. Also im getting sometimes a fault code for crankshaft/camshaft correlation. The engine is kinda noisy on idle, checked with stethoscope and noise is mostly comming from timing cover. I removed sump and checked for any metal shaving and found nothing all clean. Pickup was clean. Oil pump looked ok. What should i check next? (i use 5w30 oil, and im living in kinda tropical weather with high temperatures).