How to remove the cigarette lighter from a Mk5 Golf


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Hi all,

I'm making this tutorial on removing a cigarette lighter from the ash tray of your golf because I couldn't find a single thread or info on it, so i'm doing my one and showing you guys how. I'm doing this because I want to replace the lighter with a dual USB port hard wired into a 12v accessory so that instead of always being live, it will only be when ignition is on. (Future tutorial coming soon)

First step is to remove your ash tray from your car:


Next, remove the black piece by using a small flat head screwdriver to push outwards the black angled clips holding it in.


To remove the green piece, like before, push the two green retaining clips away from the centre and pull outwards to remove the LED from the cigarette lighter.


With the illumination LED removed, you can now begin to remove the cigarette lighter from the plastic tray. There isn't really anyway to remove it, you just need to give the white head where the terminals are a good whack with your palm and the metal part should push through to the other side which can now be removed. The red translucent plastic part will stay attached. (my white part isn't further up in the image because i've already removed it and it is pushed through)


The last red piece to remove is done by two retaining clips as shown in the picture. Using your fingers or flat head screwdriver, push them out and it will fall through freely.


With everything done it will look like this:


Hope this helped! :thumbsup:
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Options for me, were to install a duel USB port instead of the standard 12V cigarette socket. This would be a much more reliable and easier to use power source for phones, tablets, dashcams and other accessories. You could, install a single usb and an auxiliary port which could lead to the back of the radio.

The ports should always be wired into the ignition live so that it is not a constant live but a switched live when the key is turned.

Cheers #Newfrag