Headlights are wrong i think please help


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New Jersey
Golf MKV GTI 09
This has confused me so much, I just wanted to buy new headlights for my golf mkv gti, however I now know that there are some that come halogen and some that come with HID, I have always notice that the body lines of my car don't match up amazing with my headlights. Doing some research I saw that if the 8th digit of your vin is k then they have hid headlights, however my car has halogens clearly, how the hell does it have halogens, when they are not supposed to be able to fit into the car, I dude I bought the car from said there was a crash and he changed the headlights, but I am beyond baffled. Since there is halogens does this mean that there is no HID unit in the car, as well as having a halogen connector which is 10 pin into an hid connector which is 12 pin!!! Someone enlighten me I beg.