Goodbye GTI. Hello BMW x135 **1k Mile Update


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Today, with mixed feelings, I parted with my GTI. Just shy of 3 years and a whopping 14k miles on the clock. I love almost everything about the GTI. The list is simply too long to mention. But it was time for a change. I'm 39 and have had 18 cars so I guess I have car ADD :p

I have been wanting something a little more substantial and with more content. Although my GTI was loaded (minus Nav which as a stand alone option on the 10's), it still didn't have a lot of the conveniences of today's cars plus I've always had 4cyl FWD cars so I opted for a fully-loaded xdrive135 which includes a turbo 6cyl and AWD.

I was originally looking at the x128 but like the steering better in the x135, plus the abundance of power. :D I was also wanting for a more comfortable ride and feared the 19" wheels would be brutal but the ride is pretty comfortable, even with the M's sport suspension. I'll share more as I get to spend some time with it.

So here it she is (sorry for the cell phone pics):

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I've been wanting a small utility vehicle.

Ah my lil GTI. She will be missed...



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Yeah not my cup of tea. I prefer your GTI, but whatever makes you happy right! Report back with your thoughts after pending some time with it!



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whoa i didnt see that coming lol. nice pickup btw el moderator! :thumbsup:


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i wanted one of those.. i priced that one hard in the last few months. I'd rather have one of those over a used S4, but just don't have the extra money to spend.

i'd love to own this one. fully loaded. $49,770...

ZMM M Sport Line $2,500.00
ZLP Lighting PKG $450.00
ZMV Ultimate PKG $5,000.00
2MP 19" X 8.0" Front 19" X 9.0" Rear (STYLE 225M) Alloy Wheels $600.00
688 Harman Kardon Surround Sound $875.00
655 Satellite Radio $350.00
494 Heated Front Seats $500.00

with $10k down, it would still be around $800/month for 60..
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For those that don't know, this is actually considered one of the last "great steering" BMWs you can still buy (The 1 series being the other). Based on the simplicity of the E90...I got to say I like the X1 a lot...but I don't like the wheel offset and tire profile. Address that ASAP hahah


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Sorry to see you go. Do us a last hurrah and review the bimmer!

Also, 14k miles in 3yrs?? Do you drive the GTI or leave it in the driveway and look at it?!

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Did you sell the GTI privately? Just wondering how much ca$h you sold it for.

You still going to stick around / be a moderator?


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Interested in your impressions of the 135...some people on here hate on it but I dig it myself. Even more practical than the GTI, AWD, big motor. Makes sense to me....

INB4 someone asks how you can live with all that wheel gap.....


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My office is close to work and I travel, a lot so the GTI sat idle - the reason for so few miles. I'm really going to miss that car. So responsive and in my opinion, it was quite sexy for a 4dr hatch. The GTI was a trade. Seattle's sales tax is 9.5%. I could have gotten more for it via private sale but the tax savings with trading really bridges the gap.

Life is short so gotta mix it up. Who knows, maybe I'll be back in a MK7 R in a few years. As for mods, I'll tint the windows and that's it. Wheels and suspension are not being touched. I do say that now but ideally, now that I look at it more, some graphite wheels would set off the monochromatic scheme better.

As for this forum, I really get a kick out of you guys and helping things run smoothly is my return. No plans to part ways at this time. I looked at a few x1 forums and I all I can say is yawn...

Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be decent so I plan to get out of the city and stretch it's legs.


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wow man, nice choice!! love the X1.. im very much jealous right now. i love though how the X1 gets the old steptronic gear shift, not the newer one that is more like a joystick. the older step shifter you can actually feel it going into each selection with a nice thunk, not just the slapstick the whole time.

post impressions, videos, etc.. im game!