Golf Plus MK5 MFSW retrofit


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Dear all,

i have a 2007 Golf Plus MK5 1.4 TSI DSG without multifunction steering wheel (MFSW) and I want to replace it with MK5 MFSW. Does anyone have experience on this?

i have run VCDS and my current control module is 1K0953549AP SW 0070 type 2 software coding 0010042 (midline control module with cruise control).

After checking the ross-tech guide for control modules, I am wondering if highline control module 1K0953549CH SW0111 type 2 is a good fit for this case plus MFSW cable 5K0971584C.
I'm mentioning this package as it is the most popular/economical and easy to find online. It is same type as my previous plus it can support MSFW (same type 2 slip ring, steering angle sensor). The main difference is that it is SW0111 instead of SW 0070 (also AP module has no LIN version and CH supports 1.3/2.0. As i read 1.3 is for MK5 and 2.0 is for MK6). Are the above enough along with relevant coding of the new unit on the VCDS program or 1K0953549CH + 1k0 971 584 c ?

I've also read the guide from

The steering wheel i am about to buy has 2006-2009 mk5 MFSW buttons and i have no idea about the wire harness but according to the site, it should have dual wire harness as a 2007 model:
Single purple vs. dual wire harness (a new harness is required if you currently do not have buttons and want to add them)
Note: (2005-06 should have dual wire, 2007+ should have single purple but check before buying)single purple wire airbag connector (shown here): VW# 1k0 971 584 c dual wire harness with multifunction harness (shown in the Procedure section): VW# 1k0 971 584 L

Is there any way to check this?

The site also mentions that the Steering Wheel Control Module part number does not matter, provided it supports MFSW functions.

Thank you