Glove box light issue


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Hello !

To jump straight in, the glove box light has some kind of malfunction that is a bit tricky for me to diagnose. I've checked the bulb with my multimeter and it shows continuity and I have also connected the bulb in its housing to the car battery, it works perfectly fine. Upon reading the voltage from the light connector , I first got 10V, which I assume is not right. Then I measured the contact points of the bulb's housing with the connector connected and I got 0.5V. After that I measured again and got 2.5V. Then I tried measuring while I manually press the switch on the back of the glove box that determines whether it's off or on. Upon reading that I got 7V. Now I really don't understand what the issue is. The cable is broken somewhere ? The connector is faulty ? The switch maybe ? Any help or direction towards a solution would be great. I thank you in advance !