FS:::H&R Super Sport Springs and Koni STR.T (Orange) Struts and shocks


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The super sport springs provide a drop of 1.9" front and back for 2006-2008 models and 1.3" for the 2008+ models. I would suggest you don't match these springs up with OEM struts and shocks because every bump will feel like a nightmare. When the springs are matched up with Koni STR.T you get a great feeling of dampening with a lower look and better performance. This setup will not beat an expensive coilover setup, but for daily driving you will not scrape any driveways and you wont be at SUV stock height. The struts have been on my car for 4,000 miles, only 4 months and they were installed by DanGSR. I am removing the springs and shocks and struts because they are being replaced by PSS coils which were a graduation gift. The items are all still currently on my car and I will be selling them in 2-3 weeks so I am just trying to prepare a lucky buyer for a nice summer setup. Springs for $175 and struts and shocks for $315. The rear shocks will be brand new for the new owner and the front struts will have 4,000 miles of use on them. I would prefer to meetup rather than shipping. I will post pics when the weather clears up on Long Island so I can wash the car.
Contact me (516) 551-2100 Matt

Pic from today, how the car currently sits with the springs and shocks