FS/FT: 18x8 ET40 BBS RX Chrome PA


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Price: $1500 picked up for wheels & tires (18942 PA)
Trades: 18'' only, no reps...looking for something 2/3 piece or some nice AMG aeros. willing to add cash on top if i find something i like

Wheel specs:
BBS RX with factory chrome finish
18x8 ET40 (pics below i'm running 3mm front and 5mm rear spacers)
ZERO curbing what-so-ever. One wheel has a very small imperfection in the lip, but you really have to be looking for it. When waxed the wheels look 99% perfect and almost like brand new.

I bought these used and spent about 6 hours polishing and resealing them, and they look damn good now. They're obviously still used wheels and show a minor amount of wear, but it's very minimal.

Tire specs:
215/40/18 Falken 512s (small amount of stretch)
Less than 5k miles

First round of polishing (was still working on 4th wheel):

I am on vortex and golfmk6 under this same user name...been around for awhile, just not on this forum.


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United States
Forgot to say in my first post that these are 5x114.3. I have been running wobble bolts since i put them on my car with no issues, 4k of those miles were running with a wobble bolt/spacer combo. I drive my cars pretty hard and i've never had any issues at all so don't let that deter you in any way.