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FS: Bilstein PSS Coilovers


Passed Driver's Ed
Purchased June 5th 2015 and installed July 21st 2015. 37,000 miles on them, no issues as they are currently on my car. I am testing the waters to see what people will offer. The rears have only 9k miles on them since I asked Bilstein to send me replacements since a V2 version came out after purchasing the entire coilover set from ECS tuning in June.

Reasons for sale - Will most likely be installing Bilstein touring shocks and struts with OEM Springs or H&R OE Sport Springs since my fiancee will start sharing this car with me.

Located in Nassau County, New York. A majority of driving is highway or town, the car has been in New York City once.


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Orlando, FL
Just wanted to ask, how did you get Bilstein to send you the V2 rears? I've got a set of PSS's and have issues with one of the rear shocks that I was planning on dealing with here in the next few weeks. I've had them for a few years now, so, I'm curious.

Also : BUMP