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New baby on the way, time to upgrade to something a little bigger. The car has some issues that I just don't have time to address, and I can't justify paying shop rates to fix it. Would be a great car for someone who has the time/skills to do some repair and maintenance work. I am trying to list every little thing that is wrong with this, not hiding anything.

Car is a 2007 GLI Package 1. This is a one owner car, I purchased it new from Jim Ellis VW in May of 2007, and it has been an absolute joy to drive daily for the last 13 years. No accidents, clean title. Color is Black Metallic Pearl, has sunroof, plaid cloth interior, 6 speed manual. Car has 187k miles, new VW factory engine put in by Solo Motorsports in Atlanta at 112k in 2014. Original engine ate a thrust bearing on the crankshaft and was a complete loss.

The BAD:
It is in need of some repairs that I just don't have time for and don't want to pay dealership shop rates on. From what I have seen on the forums, these are common MK5 problems. Issues are:

AC is inoperative since summer 2019. Compressor locked up on the highway, and it ate the serpentine belt. Fortunately the belt routing on the FSI engine allows use of a shorter belt and bypassing the compressor pulley.

Waterpump is leaking. About a month ago she started losing coolant. I have confirmed the leak is at the waterpump itself. Currently, I have to add 8-10oz of water per day. The water pump is part of a timing belt service, which it is about due for. Timing belt was last replaced at 112k when the new engine was installed. Car is running straight distilled water right now, so no smell, no risk of poisoning your dog.

Throttle body issues. Car periodically throws codes for throttle body problems, and will not complete an alignment via VAG-COM. Right now CEL is on for idling too fast. Car runs fine when driving, but the idle will creep up to 1100rpm or so. I am confident a new throttle body will fix this right up, but again, I just don't have time.

Airbag light is on, due to a faulty connector under one of the front seats for the side impact bags. There is a TSB out for this and it has been repaired at least once before at the dealer.

Power door locks are intermittent. Drivers door has been dead for years, I just use the key. Passenger door has never been a problem, rear doors sometimes work, sometimes they don't. Hasn't been worth the effort for me to fix. Power windows all work normally.

Drivers side armrest upholstery is coming loose.

Sunroof switch occasionally acts up, will open to partial vent location when you hit a bump, and then close back up when you hit another bump. This is a minor annoyance that come to terms with.

Paint is in decent shape, has some rock chips and dings on the hood, and the typical door dings you'd expect from 13 years and 187k miles. The paint on the door window trim is peeling in places. Overall, it cleans up nice and is a good looking car.


Engine has only 75k miles on it, and runs very strong. Clutch/flywheel/throwout bearing were replaced at the same time as the engine.

APR Stage 1 software. Car makes great power, typically hits 20-22psi peak boost around 3000rpm. It is about as much fun as you can have in a front wheel drive car.

Has stock downpipe, and a catless downpipe that goes with it. Catless makes a noticeable increase in power and responsiveness, but I have to remove it once a year for emissions testing. Has a 02 sensor spacer on the catless pipe which prevents ODBII and CEL issues, but my county does a visual inspection and they need to physically see a cat.

Interior is in pretty good shape, no rips or holes in the seats, never smoked in. Driver seat bolsters are a little worn. Headliner was replaced 3 years ago.

New Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 all season tires last year. Great tread remaining. Rolling on VW Classix wheels. Minimal road noise, mild mannered tires.

Second set of Classix wheels with Falken Azenis RT615k tires with about 3/4 tread remaining. These are ridiculously sticky in the summer months. They have about 5k miles of street summer driving on them.

Two more set of wheels: VW Denvers, need some refinishing, would make great track wheels. VW Detroits, need some refinishing, one is cracked.

Complete new brake job at 165k miles. Centric cryo treated rotors, StopTech Sport pads at all 4 corners. Tyrolsport bronze caliper bushings up front and new Tyrol sport stainless flex lines. Completely flushed fluid with ATE super gold. Car stops extremely well.

Oil has been changed every 5k miles with Mobil 1 0w-40 and a Mann filter since the car was new. Transmission fluid was replaced when the new engine was installed. Shifts perfect, no grinds, no popouts, just buttery smooth.

Euroswitch installed for headlights/foglights. VW euro spec projector fog light housings. Factory HID's with Phillips Osram bulbs. VAG COM coded to turn off daytime running lights, and use fogs, HIDs and Halogens for highbeams. Nighttime driving is an absolute joy with these lighting upgrades.

Zero rust/corrosion issues. Car has been in Atlanta since new and therefore has never seen salty winters. Headlight/taillight housings are clean/clear, dash is in great shape.

Anyway, this has been my daily for 13 years. I am still driving it every day. I have no doubt that with a bit of work this could be a great car for several more years. I would fix it and keep driving it, but with a new baby on the way, we need something new/bigger. Would love to see it go to a VW enthusiast who will keep it on the road, not a ton of MKV GLI's out there anymore.

Looking to get $3000 $2000 for everything, any and all offers welcome. Call/text me at 678-343-5534 or email me at for more info and pictures.

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Edit: Price drop, need the space in my driveway for a new car
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