Finally minimized transmission whine!


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So for my spring cleaning/fluid change I decided to change my oil, transmission fluid and brake fluid.

Results. The shifting has improved dramatically. It slides into gear much smoother and barely gets stuck trying to shift (from 1st to second or second to third) and the clutch catches into gear with greater precision (if that makes any sense). Most importantly the transmission whine while rolling in lower gears has been reduced by about 70%. You can still hear it faintly, but it is SO much better now. I really think it was the MoS2 Anti Friction Additive that helped improve the manual gearbox significantly.

Oil. After lengthy research I decided to go with Motul 8100 X-Cess Synthetic Oil - 5W40 (I previously had Redline)

Transmission Fluid. I went with Redline MT-90 because everyone seemed to like it and it provided great results as far as smoothing out shifting an noise/whine.

Brake Fluid. I didn't select the brake fluid myself due to the way it had to be replaced/bled. The mechanic chose a DOT-4 german brand brake fluid (ATE?), and I was happy with it .

Additive. In my attempt to reduce transmission whine while rolling in gear I found this: MoS2 Anti Friction Additive For Gear Boxes

Next on the list will be trying to figure out why I'm no longer boosting as much as before. Latest updated revision "P" PCV or something from BSH....


Shifts first, asks later
So many views and no replies...did anyone have similar results? Or alternative solutions?

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MT-90 is a great product, but be VERY careful. My buddy put it in his manual Civic and the tranny blew 3 weeks later. Some of the most modern transmissions need OEM specific fluids of lower viscosities to function properly.

Also, you don't want to use most racing brake fluids because of their higher viscosities not functioning perfectly with modern day ABS systems with extremely small passages, chambers, and higher rates of flow. Motul RBF600 and RBF660 is specifically made for "factory lines" aka ABS systems and has performance exceeding DOT4 with the viscosity lower than DOT3. You don't want to use ATE SuperBlue. ATE makes a fluid specifically for proper interaction with ABS, ESP, ESR.

The negative effects of higher viscosity fluids will not be seen 97% of the time. It's only when using the ABS system in emergency situations and on the track that braking performance will suffer.



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MT-90 is fine for our cars, since it's rated 75W-90. I use Castrol TAF-X myself, but I guess it's a matter of personal taste. I just don't like to pay premium prices for Redline.
I read multiple reviews on multiple sites about how the MOTUL 300 LS is 100% synthetic and can be used both gear boxes and transmissions. I added one Liqui Moly 50 mL tube of MoS2 additive before the 2.25 L of Motul 300LS as I questioned my decision to get the *LS* - limited slip as well as whether or not I should have waited to purchse some kind of flush kit.. long shifts turned to chirps on the higher gears and the low short throws felt.. clean but not thick. TBH felt thinned out, Hope it’s only double thinking at this point...


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OEM transmission fluid is best on these gearbox feeling wise. MT-90 is second. Your oil is not adequate for this transmission, you need API GL-4, not API GL-5 because does not allow the synchronizers to create enough friction and to work properly