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I recently replaced my tie rod ends along with the shocks and springs. I initially made an alignment myself and was satisfied with it but once in a tight curve at about 40-50 km/h the ESP went on and began braking on the exterior front wheel. The car was not sliding at all, disabling the ESP, I was able to take identical curves faster without any indication of loss of grip. I thought it had to do with the alignment, so as a first step I disconnected the battery (to reset the steering wheel position) and went to drive. Same problem.

I booked the car in an alignment shop and got a 4-wheels alignment done, I had too much toe-in but both front wheel were equal. Now I have maybe 0.05° of toe-in on each wheel, still the problem is still there (except the steering feels much better). They did not take steps to reset the steering wheel angle sensor adaptation (G85) when doing the alignment, so I took my VCDS and did it according to this tutorial

I also did the steering limit stop adaptation according to this tutorial (except I couldn't do it without driving) but it worked and I recovered the steering assist

Still the ESP issue is still present, I did it 3 times, no changes.

I then did the Lateral Acceleration Sensor (G200) adaptation, nothing changed... Values in logs are good, steering inputs are good when doing a graph on VCDS as well as wheel speed sensors. Of course I can only log them up to 35-40 km/h per hour, else the brake controller disconnects from VCDS which I think is normal, so I cannot get a log when the issue is happening.

I am a bit stuck here, I don't understand the problem. The ESP flashes if I take a rapid turn each side, if it's faster it would brake moderately the exterior front tire, if it's even faster, it will brake more. I am a bit worried to drive like this, because I feel like I could lose control because of him acting up. If I disable it, I can drive much faster without issues.
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I suppose a full scan shows no related codes, right?
If you are confident all is well, the alignment and basic settings for the wheel speed and steering angle sensors...I think I would next check for debris stuck on the wheel speed sensors and hubs that might be affecting the sensor reports. I suppose a speed sensor may be weakening but I do not know what the ohm test should show if tested. You may try and message GTI's and ask if he can get you the information needed for checking the speed sensors.

I always drive with ESP turned off, but I understand always doing so while knowing there's a problem would be bothersome. You may try the Ross-Tech forum...someone there may be better acquainted with the system and question you more on the process you applied when doing the Basic Setting to ensure all is OK. They will request a full scan be posted.


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I assume whoever did your alignment also inspected your lower control arms and bushings and everything looked fine?


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Sorry for the delay, I did not have the time to check the time yet. Thanks both for your answers.

@ROH ECHT no, no codes unfortunately. I am relatively confident that the alignment is good as the car handles well and also the problem was there with my home made alignment as well. Also regarding the sheet they gave me I still have two minor alignment issues:

- Front camber is different (left -1.13° and right is -0.59°) maximum difference should be max 0.5° so it's a little bit off but by not much.
- Front caster is out of spec by -0.8° on front right (left is 7.3°, right is 6.51°) so that could be a problem but not sure it would trigger the ESP though. Also not sure what to do about it as it's not really adjustable.

Basic settings are recorded fine, VCDS says "OK" and also the steering assists gets disabled until the steering limits calibration is done so that's another confirmation that the car records the settings well. Also looking at steering inputs logs, they look smooth and more or less stop at the same angle (about 530-535°).

The only thing I see is either a problem with the drivetrain that was not picked up by the alignment or a problem with the wheel sensors. Regarding the wheels sensors I see one thing: I broke one of the connectors (front left) when unplugging it, so that it plugs in but doesn't lock anymore, I will get it replaced but I don't think it's that really because unplugging it with the car running directly triggers ESP/ABS/Tire pressure lights which never occured when driving.

@1131 Thanks for your input, the bushings are not is a great shape (more than 210k), some have minor cracks but they don't really have play either.