Driver Side Headlight Does Not Work ( Help )


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Needs some serious help with this headlight gremlin -

Last Year, I turned on my car and the lights flickered as they normally did and then there was a pop from the driver side light and then it went out - then I no longer have a driver side headlight. After further inspection, i noticed that inside the headlight wires were bare and the insulation flaked off, so I assumed it arc'd and took something out, that I cannot find. ( checked all fuses and they are all good, not sure if there are relays that control the headlights - also MFD shows - Front Dipped beam not working - Flashes for Right and then says left beam not working.....I dunno

Here is what is working:

Driver side blinker works and NO Headlight - Factory HID - Bulb is good, new housing, new ballast, and new igniter - Updated VAGCOM to use inner lights as high beams - Only light that works is the Driverside inner light when used as high beam.

Passenger Side: HID Headlamp and high beam bucket works - NO inner high beam like the driverside.

Both blinkers work on both headlights - Only the Passenger side headlight works / driverside does nothing.

I was informed that it might be the CCM or the CECM that may be bad - Has anyone ever experienced this happening to their MKV R32?

Is there a wiring diagram or can anyone tell me where the CCM or CECM is located? I am at my wits end with this car now and I'm ready to just trade it in and be done with it....FML

Any help is greatly appreciated - I am also located in San Antonio, Texas ( Recently moved from SoCal ) and I cannot find any VW specific mechanics or VW Tuner shops who I can take my car too to have it evaluated.


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Hello I am having the exact same problem and have been looking for a wiring diagram. Did you happen to figure yours out?