1.4 TSI- P3008 error - Camshaft problem?


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I'm new in the forum so I'll start to introduce:
I have a GOLF MK5 1.4 TSI (140Hp), engine code: BMY. It's from 2007 and have 92000km.

A few days ago the exhaust system warning light has come on. I went to the garage and the error given by VAGCOM was:

P3008 - Camshaft Position Sensor (G40) - Signal Out Of Range

I have done some research and this error usually indicates a loose timing belt. But the car have it replaced (as well the tensioner, the guides and the sprockets) 2 years ago (20.000km ago), so I find it hard to be the problem. The car is running without any power loss or any strange noise (even at the cold start).

I replaced the g40 sensor but the error appeared again... The mechanic who replaced the sensor said there was some filings inside the hollow where the sensor are.

The mechanic thinks the problem may be in the camshaft, but he is not shure.

Do you have any idea where the problem can be?

Thanks in advance! ;)