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  • Hey WOLF, love watching your vids. Just curious if you could give me some guidance on some smaller mods to push the is20.

    Currently BFI dogbone, vwr turbo inlet, apr stage 2, apr intake and downpipe, dv+.

    Car is badass man, can't wait to see the new turbo run.
    Hey Wolf,

    I read alot of your post and have been seeing the progress of your car, great job man. Do you ever go to any car shows or anything of that sort in DFW? I just went stage 2 uni cts intake/dp and the car is pretty crazy how are your bfgoodrich comp 2s holding up?
    Hey Wolf. I like reading your posts and 'kills'. Do you have a build thread somewhere? I'd like to see what you've put on/removed and what you felt actually helped and what didn't. Thanks!
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