tB MKv
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  • i live in temple city and i'm in Rosemead on the weekends, my gti is pretty much stock except for the EVOms Intake i installed i'm planning on lowering it soon though.
    hey, i'm from around your area and cant help but notice it when i drive to target. what mods have you done to your car?
    lol! the kit was already on when i purchased my GTI. but i believe ecs has it for 1500? i'm not sure. GL!
    how much did u get the thunderbunny kit?? i hit i couple of thing on the freeway and need to get a bumper and i wanted that one or the gti...idk which one!!!
    yo i have the same car but gray and i wanted 2 get the sport springs dont u scrap every where you go cuz mine isent even droped yet and i scrap the bottom of the car let me no


    Came across a thread and saw ur ride's pic. And so nice to meet you because I drove a 2009 CW MKV GTI CBFA with ThunderBunny kit as well.

    And would like to ask you some questions regarding to your mods:

    I saw you are lowering on H&R Race Spring, so how much does it lowered for? Are you still using stock shocks? Did you get any rake on it?

    Thanks in advanced for your answers!

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