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  • i opened up my engine
    so i am going to change connecting rods, all seal kits including the valves, piston rings, add a MLS head gasket for lowering the compression of the piston instead of purchasing complete set of new pistons..let me know what you came up to with your car
    I was reading your post in topic about white smoke...
    Same thing is happening to me,during normal driving there is no any smoke or whatsoever from the exhaust,but I noticed two times it appeared.
    First time was when I was going in reverse uphill,and second time I was going down hill in 2nd gear with NO throttle,only braking with engine,so it is very confusing.
    I was thinking maybe it´s oil vapours that are going back to intake.
    What exactly did your sevice dealer tell you?
    Did you solve it?
    You can contact me at since I rarely come here.
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