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  • hey whats goin on man, i talked to you at the BBQ about the k04 thanks for the info, hopefully it helps out. i should be going to the shop monday and i'll let you know what happens. maybe you can help us figure this out.

    by the way my name is Rocky. it was nice to meet you
    Hi there, I think i asked you before, but i would like to go a bit more detail about what setting should I be starting off. Im currently installed W/M kit, HPFP, intake, DP, Stage 2 +. NO FMIC. Using 91 shell V power gas ( best gas i can get in my area ). temperture is usually 25-29 C in hot hot summer. Now its 12-17C ...
    My current setting is f6 t3 b6.
    Should I try f6 t9 b6
    will that damage teh engine?
    what is the diffrent from f6 and f7 ?? some people are using 6 some use 7.....

    I know now u have K04 , but consider you have many exp about w/m . Please give me a hand. =)

    P.S. would you plz tell me what is ur w/m setting plz.? start from 5 psi and end at 10 ? I m having a Divil own.
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