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  • i saw a pic of your headlights on a thread. i like the hid in the strip under the light. where did u get that? and there is still the amber for the turn signal correct?
    hey man im from so cali and looking for a meet, i heard on a post that there was an in and out meeting near the IE, where and what time?
    I wanted to put the Dynamic Racing rims on my car but did not know how they would look... stoked that I saw your pics!!

    How much lower is it from standard height bro?

    They look like 18's too, nice!

    Cheers bro,
    Hey Sunny,

    Did the top of the jetta grill go out? If so, could i get a tracking number? I got the bottoms, they look good. Thanks.

    Hey man, just wondering if you're still up for this saturday. Hell knows I could really use your help and advice on this IC install.

    Hope to hear from you soon man!

    hey man, i was looking for some pictures of wheel spacers on peoples VW. I came across yours and we have the same car just mine is the 4 door model. I was wondering what size are your wheel spacers and what size bolts did u replace for them? thank you for your help/time

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