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  • Robb D' sorry to bother you but I'm looking for a freind of yours ace009. nearly 3 weeks ago I sent him 485 bux for a set of konis/neuspeed springs...I never got the stuff and he's also no answering emails and pms. If you happen to contact him let him know I'm looking for him. I'd hate to open a paypal dispute and a scammer thread if I don't have to. He's forcing my hand though...If they don't come by Friday I'll do both. Thanks for you time...sno in Cali
    Spray-tint R32 style with euro rear fog and turnsignal mods done. One shade darker than factory R32 tails.
    You can click on "View RobbDizzle's Garage" and it'll show my mods. I know a few poeple with DSG's, my buddy just bought one.
    Naw I do most of my own work, or I go to Renn-Art or Dubwerks. And LZ seems pretty chill, I don't even really see and modded cars of any kind around.
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