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  • -Please. All this sh*t stems from the fact that Rev's daily driver is faster than 99% of peoples stock turbo cars on this forum.
    -"I think its funny when you guys bring it up to him, then YOU get all mad cause he says something back to you."

    -"This guy has had more threads made about him then the K04."

    -"Biggest sign of respect or jealousy? When you have two threads all about you. One to get you banned cause you own so much and another to make you a mod cause you own so much."
    -"He might be an ass sometimes but most of his posts are impressive and always informative."

    -"I don't get it. Why does he always get banned? He hasn't said anything that outrageous or factually incorrect. VW fanboys need to stop getting butthurt."

    -"Its pretty weak on this forums part for banning Rev. He doesn't come on here to hate on VW's. I don't always see eye to eye with the guy but he's always respectful, provides evidence for his claims, and adds some MUCH needed outside influence to this particular subforum. He's argumentative at times sure, but to be honest, he's usually right."

    -"Honestly, I never used to be a fan of him, but you guys are taking this way too far. The guy knows what he's talking about. Get over it. Sure he might could be a little more diplomatic sometimes, but you can't accuse him of not knowing his stuff. He's been around, seen a lot of races, participated in probably more, and knows how cars in the GTI's class react to different mods."
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