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  • Hi Shawn, I sent you a message on the eem site.. I was able to cut the "red" ET vinyl.. but the "FK" was a no go.. just because I can't find an image to vector to cut it..
    Hey whats up, quick question, on that rear sear delete, who did it?? was it car looks sick cant wait to see it at Waterfest
    Hey man i am from Warminster and I was also wondering if you could possibly hook me up with your friend to get my lowers painted, and a ballpark of what he might charge.
    Hey what's up? I know I asked about painting my lowers and fixing my quarter before but I just read your post about painting lowers.
    How much you think your buddy would charge? If its not to bad I'm thinking maybe just doing the lowers now and worry about the quarter panel later like mentioned before?
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