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  • wince hack not available for free anymore. Old versions not supported anymore, v6 will launch next week.
    your hack for "WD6050 - AS7301 - MT6501 'is good enough for car radio Ford FOD804G - AS7507" that have the same software?
    Is there a way to edit this update.cfg file so that the "update" button would push automaticaly? or do u have another ideea?
    what do u think?10x a lot in advance.
    hy petrutms,i think u're the only one who can help me.I have the same problem like user mickeulk:when ever i push navi button i get this screen

    this happens with or without gps card inserted.
    I tried u're update and instructions..nothing happens..the same screen.
    however,accidentaly,trying all kinds of updates,i discovered a set of files that were similar to yours(autoupdate folder,NWDTCali.exe and updater.cfg).It seems that this file updater.cfg makes my screen change like this:
    It's the only change i've seen for moths.However beside the screen change nothing else happens.No response from touch screen (only a click sound),no progres bar,nothing else happens.It's like the"update"button should be pushed, but there's no way to push it.
    Hi Petrutms,

    I'm aware your hack is for english wince only, but is there anyway (perhaps some futher mod) to make the wd6050 unit displaying chinese? (mp3 titles) Thanks!

    Hi Petrutms,

    I send you a mp to upload a new firmware to the 723 or 7301 or w6050. I found the servide mode jumper and 2 cable from comunication port but i need help and i think that you can read it

    Thank you
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