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  • I think either would be sweet!

    not many people do gold/bronze on black, so im sure you can be unique and pull it off with some parts painted the same color, like the mirrors!
    very true very true...i was thinking about that too. i have been looking at other routes wheels wise and im liking the oz ultraleggera in gold finish , or the 18" Style 608 - Set Of Four (18x8, Et45 getting these painted bronze) i think these colors would fit well with my black gti. any thoughts?
    haha it really all depends on what route you are going in!

    gtis are rare here and mine is the only 2dr cw, so i though it was good enough for now on the outside, so doing all interior and engine work currently..though i won't r tails will come asap haha

    i wouldn't get pricey wheels, i did with my last car and regret it, you better off getting some nice 18s that are lighter than the detroits and stage 1 chip...i would leave the dp for later on, when you feel the need for more power...

    i only did stage 2 rightaway because i had to send my ecu out to America, you have the bliss of living thre, so take it easy! :)
    i realized after i posted when i read your thread lol...thnx! good luck man! hope you like it! im actually in the process of doing an apr chip upgrade myself but im trying to decide whether to do ecu upgrade, dp, and possibly tail lights or if i shld go with the bbs lms lol
    hey thanks man!

    actually it says "ALMOST" in my sig because i haven't installed it yet, it will go in the car along with my chipped ecu coming from the us, in 4 days max..

    i will post updates in my thread! :)
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