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  • The europlate man. Im into euro plates. Im getting one on mine. So i remember reading yours a couple times and I saw it and I recognized you when I was reading through the forum. I was like, this is crazy!
    But yea I got accepted to UCF right out of high school so I came here. It was my first choice.
    Yea my dad and I were talking about a gti and at first we were talking mk4, but then I got a job at my apartments and got my rent covered so my mom and dad are teaming up and saving so they can get me a mkv. Im excited about that. But right now I have a 2000 Mazda 626 haha i keep it clean i guess. But I didnt bring a car the first year so Ill have the mazda for summer until they get the Gti.
    Yea but that would be cool. I would love to meet Ivan and see what all is going on over there. Cant wait to be a part of the scene. And a photoshoot sounds good too. I love taking car pics and pics of my car.
    dude I'll be glad to introduce you to Ivan when you get your whip. I was wondering, how did you know my car from this forum? I don't even have a car pic yet coz I'm still learning my new dslr. By the time you get your mkv I'll be good in taking pics so we can do a photoshoot! It's probably my europlate that you notice which is in my sig huh?

    What do you drive right now? And you said your a freshmen, why not Valencia? Also, your lucky your parents is buying you a mkv, u better get A's LOL.
    Oh yea. And I heard about the mk6 but Im not really interested because one Its not in the price range but most importantly Im not too fond on the new minor cosmetic changes like the headlights and tailights. I really love the mk5 look and I feel it will stand out no matter how many more gti generations they make.
    WOW man that sounds like a good set up. Well I asked about the exhaust because it had a nice throaty clean european sound but not obnoxious. Its really reserved. As far as the chip information, THANKS!! I knew about the brands, but I didnt know about which companies backed which brands. So we have an AXIS tuning here with a guy who specializes in GIAC chips? Thats sweet. So youre telling me its a safe reliable mod to go with the set up like that? Yea I love speed and I want a fast car but I was just concerned about a cel or other crazy issue. I know anyone with a mkv that does performance mods is running a chip and probably a tbe so i should have figured it wasnt anything unsafe. Well Ivan at axis sounds like a good go to guy so Ill be sure to check him out when I get the car.
    na it's AWE TBE. the stock is a little quieter than mine. you'll hear it more around 3500 rpm. I have GIAC. they're all about the same., it basically a tuner preference. GIAC is supported by AXIS, APR by eurotechnik, and REVO by Forge. yes forge that makes intercoolers, dv etc. is in Orlando. Giac is only one flash for stage 1 & 2, meaning it automatically adapts if you upgraded you downpipe. APR and REVO does have Stage 1 & 2. I went with GIAC coz Ivan is my boy. He teaches you while he works in your car thats why every time i come to him i extract all the info i can get. he also charges very cheap on any upgrade and maintenance.

    a chip would not cause a CEL. some downpipes does. I have GIAC, neuspeed p-flo(most inexpensive buy very good intake), and AWE TBE = no CEL.

    yeah i wish i knew a lot more when i bought the car. i was never into forum before my mkv. have you seen the mk6? i thought they are coming on 2010. that something to think about.
    Yea man it sounds pretty badd. SO is it the stock exhaust? And what brand chip do you have? How much horsepower do you estimate youre making with that. Yea my dad and I have done research and they say they're good quality reliable cars. I wouldnt mind doing a chip when I get one but I heard that the check engine light comes on sometimes and I cant have that happen. So i was thinking minor mods like intake or pulleys. Yea Ive heard of arisocrat vw. I feel like Aug is so long away. Im trying to be patient but I cant wait to get one and do some mods.
    sorry it is not .com, the car is 07 have about 31000 miles already! i like to take it for a long drive any where i could. it's the highest hp or torque and it is a fwd, but you can easily transform it to be faster just by adding a chip. i have a few mods and i can tell you that it is totally different from stock. what i like about it the most is quality. i came from a civic 95 with 300,000 miles on it all manual but the tranny. so this is night and day, but going euro is also night and day. make sure you shop around for the best price around town , i heard aristocrat vw is the cheapest but most people go to royal vw for warranty and service. i go to ivan at axis for everything.
    Alright man Ill check that website out. Oh yea that sounds good man. But Im learning a few things about the car not as much as anyone on the forum. I just know I want a good reliable performer. SO how long have you had the car? It looks baddass
    Thanks! You should check out It's a local euro club here in Orlando with weekly meets. I don't usually go coz I'm very busy in school. I'm a junior EE. Once you get your mkv, you need to see Ivan at axis motoring. How familiar are you with the car? Let me know if you got any questions. Peace
    Hey man. You go to UCF!! I see your car everyday after my first class parked in handicap parking! I love your car man. Hey Im getting a MKV GTI around august and we need to keep in touch man.
    Im a freshman right now and my parents are going to get me one man. Get back at me!!
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