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  • Ciao , ho difficoltà nel fare funzionare il toolbox su discover mib2 , è andato tutto bene ho scaricato gli scripts ma le app come carstreem, fermata auto e AA mirror non mi funzionano , ho paura che il problema sia la versione software 0687 che ho all'interno del discover , ho visto che potrei aggiornarlo alla versione 1427 , mi può aiutare?
    Hello, this is 5Dlight inc. Our business is about car headlights, we want to advertise on the forum, we hope to cooperate with the forum and look forward to getting a reply.
    My email is
    Hughes W.
    Good morning,

    Looking to get information about posting in the vendor sections for SPM. Please email me at

    Thank you,
    Hi JJ,

    I am looking to get a vendor account for OSRAM. We plan on starting a group buy for our golf MK6 headlights. Please PM me when you have a chance.
    Hey, I read the whole write up for the euro r32 tail lights but the pictures must have expired. Is it possible if you could point me in the direction of someone that might have the pictures or if you gave them? I already installed my tail lights 2 weeks ago but haven't done the wire splicing due to not knowing exactly what goes where. Thanks a lot
    I belong to the MKVI forum and I'm trying to use my login user name and password to log into the MKVII forum since I now own a MKVII GTI. Unfortunately I can't seem to log into the MKVII forum with my login info from the MKVI forum. When I try to register for the MKVII forum using my email it says that email is already in use.

    So, how do we make it happen so that I can use my login info from MKVI to log into the MKVII forum. Please help.
    I am trying to post a new thread about some issues I am having with my Rabbit. Why will it not allow me to do so? Thank you.
    Dear GMK Community,

    We want to sign up as a vendor for MK6 & MK7 please. Let me know what the packages are. Please email me and cc which goes to our team for review. We would like to jump on ASAP so looking for rates etc.

    Hi I read the posting rules but wanted to clarify something. I have a Golf R build going on that I would like to share here, it is a magazine build car with article installments, is it against the rules to include a link to the build articles along with the pictures and descriptions I post here? Thanks
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