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  • What's up bro. I saw your post on me finding a correct schematic. Mines a 2007 but the build date is 7/06. If you can get me an accurate diagram so I can drive my car that be great. Theres 10 different diagrams and I used 1 not knowing and it fixed my heat LOL but that it. If you can help me it be much appreciated . Thanks John
    I installed me a RCD510 and i cant get my RCD to show the Phone screen ????

    Do i need to activate something on Vagcom to get the Phone screen to come up???

    Also i cant get the MDI to work either on my RCD510 AE version???

    I tired to go into the Can Gateway and activate the MP3 player check box but i dont have that option, so how do i activate the MDI on the RCD 510 AE version??

    PM me back thanks
    Hey man! I saw that you said you would sell me your Rear Parcel Tray. How much would it cost to ship to 23669?
    Hey Jet, I stumbled on to a thread where you referred to adding a light/rain sensor (the add a fuse thread). Do you have a detailed how-to thread or can you point me in the direction of some info? Thanks.
    hey jet,

    Saw several of your posts about interior LED lights...obviously there's a ton of different kinds of LED's but was curious which ones you have in your picture

    thanks man
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