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  • I have it on the intermediate setting - mainly because me wife sometimes drives the car and she definitely is not interested in lots of oversteer. She is not, in her driving, going to come anywhere near the limits of the car, and if she does, it is going to handle very neutral up to the very limit - it will only oversteer if she takes her foot of the gas, but I doubt she will ever be in that situation!
    If it was just me, I would go full stiff. My first time to the track I kept it on intermediate, but next time out I am going to change to full stiff - I felt like the intermediate setting was not giving me enough rotation when I wanted it.
    Was reading you post on Rear Sway Bars. It is a great thread! Do you have your BSH sway bar set to full stiff, or intermediate or soft setting for street use?

    I have Koni coilovers (set for about 1" lower than stock heigth) and stock sway bars. I am thinking about a bigger rear sway bar and BSH is only about 15 miles from me, their bar is reasonabl price, but if it is too much on full stiff I might be better served with the H&R 24 mm bar.
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