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    WTB: OEM Votex Rear Bumper UG

    Like title says, looking to buy a ug votex rear bumper. PayPal ready, located in Virginia. Needs to be in a good shape with preferably no cracks or damage
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    FS: TSI Intercooler Pipping

    Hello! I have up for sale my tsi Intercooler pipping. I have one full set and one passenger side hose. There are no issuse with any what so ever. For the set I would like $50 shipped and for the one I would like $35 shipped. Pics upon request
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    FS: Air Ride Parts

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    Feeler: 2.0 FSI BPY Performance Part Out

    Just testing waters too see who wants what. I'm not 100% set on parting out all of my performance engine work but I am thinking about it. Everything works with zero issues! Maybe 15k miles on everything at most. APR Turboback Exhaust: $700 plus your stock exhaust I will need the stock parts...
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    Golf R Steering Wheel

    Hello everyone! I saw on intsagram that someone put a mk6 r steering wheel into a mkv r32. What all do I need in order to run one without tripping any lights? Thanks in advance!
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    FS: 500gb PS3 bundle

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    FS: OEM Parts

    Like title says oem parts for sale, need gone asap. Buyer pays fees or add 3%. Japanese TDI Rear Valance: $150 picked up OEM Cherry Red Tails: $250 shipped K&N intake FSI: $200 shipped OEM Rear Bumper:$150 picked up OEM Sidemarkers: $35 shipped Eastwood fender finisher: $50 shipped OEM GTI...
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    FS: Autopilotv2 Management

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    Wtb: Votex Rear Bumper

    Like title says, trying to buy a oem votex rear bumper and diffuser. Would like it to be United Grey but will take any color. Has to be in great shape ( no dents or scratches). Cash in hand, I'm on ig a lot. If you know anyone that has one, please let me know on here or on ig @mk__5nnn
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    Euro Cup Holder DIY?

    Couldn't find much of a diy, anyone know of one or any videos that show a step by step walkthrough. Thank you in advance!
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    FS: 2008 Bagged UG GTI

    Hello everyone, after a wonderful 3.5 years of owning my mkv, its time I walk away from it. Ive put a ton of love, money, sweat and bullshit into making it the way it is today. It has 80xxx miles and will go up daily since I daily drive it. It has been in one accident and everything was...
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    I have vag-com.

    I live in hampton and will vag-com for $25 per person, if you need anything shoot me a pm and ill see when im free!
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    WTB: OEM Headlights.

    Like title, i need need headlights. Mine stopped working and i cant afford new ones. Must be in good shape and i DO NOT need bulbs, i have ones already. Please show me what you have or send me a ink of someone selling some, or let me know on instagram. Thanks in advance!
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    FS: Comeplete OEM Grille Set-up

    I have sale a complete oem grille setup. I have the vw badge upper, stock lower and open air fog covers. All tabs are in tact, they do have some wear but nothing major. I'll let it go $130 shipped or $125 picked up. I'd rather have one buyer but I will sell separately. Prices are flexible. Pm...