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  • Hello,
    Yes the KMD upgraded HPFP, has worked great/flawless for me. Also like every one else I had to change my follower every 10,000-15,000 mile intervals. I have the knowledge and resources. Plus, I just can’t stop tinkering, so I decided to tackle the idea of creating an electrical HPFP. We use them on most applications with race engines that our shop produces. On the FSI engine, It eliminates all the worry about the cam follower wear. Have we seen direct Hp gains? No, I haven’t, but with the fine tuning I can achieve with the new pump, I have ability to run the AFR’s my car truly makes the most usable power.
    same here about the $500 but its better than $5402.28!!!! im really pushing to get jetta grills on the gti and i think its going to happen. so stoked ill be the only MKV JTI in eastern NC
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