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  • Hello, I saw where you posted that you can do VAG COM work. Is that still the case?

    I just picked up a 2012 GTI and I foresee myself needing some edits done in the next few months.

    What are the best edits to make? I'm thinking...

    * no confirmation beep on lock from remote
    * windows up and sunroof close with remote
    * fogs stay on w/ high beam
    * emergency braking warning flash
    * gauge sweep
    * drivers seat heat memory
    * no door chime
    * quick turn signal flash 4x instead of 3x
    * LED tail lights

    I haven't started digging up the values that need changed for the things I listed above, but Ive seen them all mentioned on forums so if you dont have them I can hunt them down.

    Any help or tips you gave would be greatly appreciated.

    hey if your looking for a shop for coilovers near akron try Global Garage. Ask for Jeff 440-796-1239. He does all my work on all 5 of our dubs. Great guy, factory trained vw tech and has accounts set up with a bunch of suppliers. Tell him the Fatman sent ya.
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