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    The OBD2 scanner app.

    So I'm running through the App Store and found the app"Torque". Or also called OBD2". It's about 10 bucks and requires a separate purchase of a wifi connection ,cable, piece ma jiggers... Basically I'm personally curious to see if anyone here has tried, OR uses this piece while diagnosis...
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    Turn signals help/input needed

    Hello fellow citizens. Aight so over the weekend racing a brand new Wrx, through back roads, a hard hard right turn with throttle in full was made, causing the left projector to dim out, and beam back on...weird, has never happen before -I would like to know why!? Also now after this incident...
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    HELP: Mk5 .:R Wheel hub bearing!?!

    Alright my fellow forum friends. I'm sweating bullets over this noise that popped up last night. Low speeds it sounds like grinding from pass side, I do believe it's wheel hub bearings. But only eh.. 96 ish percent sure. If anyone has had this issue or has replaced them by VW dealer, could...