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  • Cool maybe i'll see ya this sunday then. i got a lot done and I have a full turboback so if you have any questions just let me know. Even the stuff i don't have done I have done entirely too much research on lol.
    That Borla catback should be nice. They revised it and usually make good stuff. Haven't heard one in person but I know they sound good. A lot like mine I think. Are you going to get a downpipe or test pipe?
    cool...That'll work. I have a meet thread that I made. The link is in my sig. Basically the weekend ones are in Canton and there is a new one at Silverspring Rd and Belair Rd at the Wendy's on Sunday nights as well.
    hey whats up? You just get your car? Congrats......Are you local by chance? I can drop you some info on the meets if you'd like
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