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  • Thanks for getting back to me DD. I've orderred the kufatec harnesses and will hopefully install them this weekend. When I check the certain bits, what should they be set at? I'm sort of familiar with the vagcom coding but if you could tell me what your bits are coded to, specifically 18, 21 and 24, it would really help. Thank you again
    HI Doubles Dub. I have just purchased a pair of OEM led xenon projectors, I have outfitted them with the XenArc 4300 bulbs and the oem ballasts and have installed them. Originally my '12 Golf TDI had halogens and I bought Eds lights last year(mistake, cheesy projectors and lame leds), I had a shop help with coding to get Eds to work just fine, no bulb errors and shutters working for high beams(my guy at the shop wants nothing to do with exploration on the vagcom until I come with him with proper coding after I do my research, understandable). With the installation of the new OEM LED projectors, key on but no engine running, I get low and high beams to work but no LED DRLs. When I start the car (still no LED drls) my hedlights now flicker off and on and clearly are not working properly. Turn signals work just fine. I bought a pair of 10 to 14 pin adapters on ebay figuring that I wouldn't need the kufaatec harness since its a '12 and the high beams seem to work. Can you please throw some insight into my issue with the flickering and also the no LED drls working. As it stands now, she's just a daytime driver!! thank you in advance for your help
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