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  • damn that car meet on thursday looks reall good...and yeah i havent been looking around for stuff that much just more or less forums and general prices you get me....and im straight with racing lol im just going to chill lol
    yeah i feel you on the money thing, money always seems to be tight with me. but yeah thats a ridiculous price for those plates but for sure online is a better deal. and where are u lookin for lip kits? and you should go down to homestead speedway sometime, i just went tonight and raced about 6 times i think and its just fun to see ur time and reaction time to the tree. its about $20 though so i prolly wont be going again for a while.
    yeah thats exactly the type of rims i was looking into but honestly ive seen that almost anything goes like those bbs ch rims i think theyre called i kinda like those, and the lip kits idk which one because they all look nice, but i just gotta give it time because money you know..and yeah at dadeland the custom plates are 45 and another 18 for the mounting bracket so yeah right...and they have a forum on this site and it look like people just get it online from
    honestly, from what ive read online, the blow off valves do absolutely nothing for the car, but it is a pretty nice sound. i know forge has a diverter valve with a blow off valve combined that keeps the circulation part of the DV but gives the sound of the BOV. it might be something u wanna check into. and online you can custom create plates for like 25 i think, how much where they at dadeland? and yeah i eventually wanna get some black rims with red in there somewhere so my car has a black and red theme, what kind you looking for?
    yeah sam ehere i went to check out the german plates at dadeland its too expensive man, and yeah i was thinking maybe a blowout valve too but later and im gonna have to buy tires but im gonna save money to buy a rims and tires combo
    yeah my car had some nice tints on it already so i was lucky with that, but yeah i think im going to do one of those European plates cuz my car already has the holes anyways. and other than that not sure yet, wanted to lower it possibly, definitely chip it to at least stage 1 and maybe change the radio, but gotta wait till i have some money for that stuff.
    not yet im still like looking at little thing, like i got my windows tinted i was looking at those german license plate ya know little mods , youu?
    i got mine at this little dealer right across from south motors vw, its called mulligan motors. i was actually test driving the one from south motors when i saw mine. yeah my best friend drives a vette and hes gunna ride out there with me most likely. i know its early, but have you thought of anything you wanna do to your gti?
    yeah it has 62k and yea the tires arent all that great on mine right now, where did you get yours at? and yeah imma head to dub cartel with my girlfriends brother he rides an A3
    haha no way, i had been looking at that car and the red one next to it. It has about 68K on it right? but yeah the dub cartel dont race or anything like that, which is probably good for me cuz i need new tires. i think im going to head out next wednesday if u wanna meet there. and also at homestead speedway on friday nights the cops set up this thing where its like 10-20 bucks and its an 1/8 mile. thats only gunna get u up to about 75, but just representin vw is good enough for me lol.
    no yeah that about all i could find The Dub Cartel or whatever and i usually go to one by Krome but the cops raid it now and yeah i like the black i was looking at one but i found this one at South Motors VW on US1
    I did some research and there is a vw/audi group that meets in kendall town & country mall every wednesday around 8 or so. The groups called Dub Cartel. I was gunna go out last night but ended hangin out with some friends instead. And yeah the white is nice, mines black. Where did u get urs from?
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