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  • I am going to have to send you the payment on April 1st. My bank wont allow me to do anymore transfers this month. I have to move my money back home to get the bills paid... I am going to send it as a gift so you will get the full $175.00 and no PayPal fees. Then I will need you to send it no earlier than April 17th to:

    William Kondziela
    61523 Division
    Joshua Tree, CA

    If you don't want to wait until the 1st of April I understand. But if you do I will have it sent out to you ASAP on the 1st! Thank you.
    Thank you for your prompt response. I would like something like Sukana used to sell but at the same time I like the dual projectors... I really don't want to do much in terms or wiring. I also just installed a HID conversion kit from UPS Motorsports in my Halogen housing that I would like to continue to use. Is that possible? What are your prices?

    Thank you again.
    Yes in fact I'm finishing up a quad set up. What are u interested in? I have a unused set of OEM halogens I'll be using next to actually sell a set
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