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    Camaro ZL1 1LE or Shelby GT350

    From what I've heard, there is a known issue with the oil cooler that makes most people hesitant to track them until Ford addresses the issue officially, though apparently they're working on a fix. I absolutely thrashed the GT350 and it was a blast, definitely didn't get boring. Buy used...
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    Camaro ZL1 1LE or Shelby GT350

    Have you had a chance to drive a GT350? Did 25 laps at AMP in a GT350, felt well balanced, nimble, overall pretty solid. If you can, try and get some seat time in a GT350, it might help you make your mind up.
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    The Official Road Rage Story Thread

    The South man, shit is crazy sometimes. People wonder why I carry. Sadly, I can't carry when I'm in NJ, because fuck NJ.
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    Anyone accidentally run into someone famous?

    Went to dinner at the Trump Resort in Florida, ran into Donald Trump (got a picture too) As an FYI, his hands are cold as ice.
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    Do you know jack(s)?

    I have a 3 ton Craftsman jack that works very well. Its old, but no complaints. Recently picked up a low profile floor jack from Harbor Freight, a little under $100 (probably the same one as ashchuckton) and for the money I have no complaints. A few full pumps and it'll have one side of the car...
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    Apparently my neighbors don't like VW's. . .

    The only response here is to buy another VW.
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    Who's been to jail?

    You're lucky. In most places, you'd be getting a free ride in a nifty squad car.