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  • No I had someone do the pillars & had to send them back twice as they didnt do a great job. They look okay now. I also have Hybrid audio l3se mids in now rather than the CDT's as they sounded crap tbh.

    The 10's sound tight. Had to do a hell of a lot of deadening to get rid of the rattles tho & not to great on the suspension lol. Cant see me keeping all that in the boot forever, will cut down to 2 subs at some point or maybe change for a couple of AA havoc 12's.

    Im running around 5k RMS to them & finally got round to doing the big three today :w00t:
    Seems to be sitting at 14v constant...going to go out & give it a real hammering see if it drops atall.
    Hi Ajax, only just noticed your reply.
    I know the best way to do the big 3 upgrade now, just not had chance to try yet. Still working on gettting the rattles out, which is 99% sorted. :)
    Hi Ajax,

    Can you explain to me how you done the cable upgrade on your alternator. Ive looked & think its impossible without draining the coolant.

    I have a 5k system with an xs 3100 up front & my car struggles when idle if the bass is fully cranked but fine when the cars moving.

    I cant find an alternator to upgrade to either as the connections are different to most alternators.

    Any help appreciated.

    hey aer you still on here would love to talk to you about your setup i need a littel help with mine
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