The COVID19 SCAMdemic... NATO Sabotages Nord Stream - Putin Finds Mass Grave In Ukraine - Vaxxed "Suddenly Died"


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I contract with the woman who owns the business. I don't check ID's when they arrive. I only know about it because they asked me if I knew of any landscaping company hiring. Knowing now he's here illegally on the few occasions that the husband shows up also am I supposed to say he can't come in?
The first time he came when I answered the door I saw him sitting in the car and he wasn't going to come in. It was 113* so I said he didn't have to stay outside.
Do you guys want me to take a

I did not say that. Talk about twisting words. His wife ultimately told me.

And the first time he came and was going to sit in the car when it was 113* and I invited him in I didn't know anything. I was watching a football game so he watched it with me while his wife and daughters cleaned the house. Months went by and the next time he came was after Covid and there wasn't any sports on he helped his wife since we could barely communicate.
She said that he couldn't get a social security number and this isn't important enough to continue being interrogated over it. Just fucking absurd.
You are so full of it. This is none of your fucking business anyway.

There's the reasons a person can't get a social security number.

I liked the statement but I'll admit I'm a little on edge right now for obvious reasons.
There you go again. You have no idea that's what I'm doing. Just more assumptions on your part.

I wasn't doing any such thing. I'm not on trial here. I explained the entire thing and you just continually try to pick it apart.

A "false summit of moral high ground". 😂

I'm obviously not bigoted or racist or prejudice or I would have turned him into ICE.
You're just full of shit. Your entire post is full of assumptions and distortions.
This just in. The guy is illegally in the country. I owe you absolutely no further explanation nor am I on trial. I shouldn't have responded in the first place because it's none of your business.

Check this out.

And be sure to read your responses to him that follow in that thread.

Note where I defended you twice in that thread.
No I'm once again done wasting time. You will fucking go on forever. I owe you nothing. No explanations period. You want to not believe me that's your prerogative but I won't defend myself about something that is none of your fucking business.
Correct. But that doesn't mean that I should be interrogated over it.
I posted it and it can't be disputed. I'm the only one who knows that person and it shouldn't matter to anyone else except to be nosey and argumentative and then go on and on about it. It's not even important and it isn't anyone's business except mine.