Snap chat rant!


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Snapchat is something teenagers use to send dick pics. Just post actual pictures

Yeaaaa, maybe back when it first came out. But its so much more than that now. I love seeing how other people live their lives through their "My Story". So interesting to see what everyone else does for a living, finds amusing, interests them, so on and so forth. I dont follow random ass people. People who add me are generally into the VW scene so I get to see more of it and what they find amusing and what the cool shit they might see on a daily basis for them. The best part about it is its real, you cant "edit" shit and make it something its not...its always live and what a person is really doing or seeing. I've also learned a lot more about the people in the forum, whos been arrested, how people treat dead bodies up north, how a rat chews thru a wire, who enjoys weed, whos a club rat, etc.. Its nice to see stuff rather than read about it all the time. I just wish I could connect all of the people from this forum to their user names on snapchat, lol. they arent all the same. Also cool to see what old friends lives are like that have moved away. Its a great way to keep in touch with someone actually. Ever wonder what your friends really do at work? I now know, ha!

On a typical day a person might upload 1 or 2 or maybe 0 snaps. But when they go to an event or are seeing something unusual/funny/horrible/disgusting bla bla they post away and its enjoyable to see. Do they necessarily want to post it on FB or instagram, NO its annoying, takes too much work, takes too long, have caption, title, upload bla blah...snap chat is so fast. ands its often stuff you want to see 1 or a few need to upload it for ever when no one really cares that much...let it be seen for 24hrs and poof, no clogging up phone memory or anything else. You have any idea how much hell I went thru at that car show, waiting in line, waiting for that perfect pic when no one was in the way....took so damn long. Watching my snaps was like a direct insider view of the show without any of the boring ass waiting. Granted most the pics didnt do some of those cars justice but a good idea of how awesome it all was, was def portrayed. You dont get that thru a couple pics posted.

Facebook was just for teenagers-ish at my dad uses it 500times more than i fact i basically use it as a secondary mk6 forum and thats about it, lol. In fact i often find myself telling my father that nobody cares about his 15sec clip of his dog playing in the front yard and uploading it to facebook, thats exactly what snapchat if for, shit nobody really cares about but it might be nice to see depending on what you like. and if you do really like it, take a screen shot.

Ever need to send a quick pic or video of something? try sending it over text or some app, it looks like shit and takes for ever...snapchat...boom done....

There is also the live events around the world section but i only look at that if im super bored.

I could go on but im sure im just talking to myself at this point, HA


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